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So, first blog post of 2016!

Considering my New Year resolution was to do more writing, that's off to a pretty feeble start.

I think my lack of writing is mostly due to my non-existent spare time at the moment. I'm either entertaining guests, travelling up and down the country (or up and down other countries) visiting friends, spending time with [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa in Leicester or at home...or actually putting my feet up and enjoying some much needed Flickums time!

That said, the weekend just gone was particularly fun so I felt it warranted a blog post.

Visited The Boy after work on Friday and we spent the evening snuggling in front of Paddington. Which I was 100% expecting to hate, but it did make me chuckle on more than one occasion.

Saturday we went down to London to see The War of the Worlds at the Dominion Theatre in London. We arrived quite early so went to Forbidden Planet in search of a Dogmeat Funko Pop. We got there. No Dogmeat. But I did buy a Vault Boy keyring.

Grabbed lunch and then went to the show. Despite only having read the book and seen the Spielberg film version, I really enjoyed it. The music had a lot of energy and sounded great. Plus the stage show had a giant animatronic tripod, which I happily admit is the real reason I wanted to see the show live. Seats were right at the back as we booked at the last moment, but still got a really good view.

Met up with [livejournal.com profile] multiclassgeek, [livejournal.com profile] zoeiona and baby Syl for Dim Sum afterwards. Never had Dim Sum before, but the pork balls (hehe) were really tasty. Headed home and made it back to Leicester at a decent hour.

Went exploring in Leicester city centre on Sunday. Went to Leicester Forbidden Planet in search of a Dogmeat Funko Pop. We got there. No Dogmeat.

Picked up both volumes of A Storm of Swords from a charity shop. Tempted to read it for the 2016 book challenge as I need a book that intimidates me (and it is very...very...VERY long), but it's contender for that is The Man in the High Castle which is mercifully short but sounds confusing as hell.

Got back into Sheffield quite late so headed straight to bed.

Job still going well. Learning a lot and my confidence with it is growing, which is nice. Applied for my provisional driving licence. Friends and family have all agreed to help chip in towards getting a small and cheap car if/when my test is passed, so that's something to look forward to...if terrifying!

The Boy is coming back up next weekend. Plans include a book themed swap meet, seeing Civil War, popping over to Haddon Hall if the weather is nice and whipping up another Sunday roast.


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