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Very long and busy weekend.

Saturday I went to visit [livejournal.com profile] jazz_police in Batley as part of our semi-regular (read: whenever the hell we feel like it) meetups to watch a Disney film that Dave hasn't seen yet (this time it was Peter Pan) and a dodgy fantasy film (this time it was Forbidden Kingdom aka Viuy). Forbidden Kingdom reminded me a bit of Black Death, as in I thought it was a fairly by-the-numbers horror film until it got towards the end and everything wasn't quite as it seemed up until that point. I both love and hate stories like that. I like them because they're quite good at tricking the audience into following the illusion and I hate them because the build up to the reveal/plot twist often feels like a bit of a clunky mess. Forbidden Kingdom did look very pretty though (it was filmed and released in Russia so had some VERY dodgy lip syncing) and it had Charles Dance in it which is never a bad thing.

Got home very late.

Sunday I went to Huddersfield to visit Kat and Frodo (and Tabitha) for wargaming shenanigans. Yes, I finally got round to trying out The Rage of Sigmar. Not sure how much of a pain it is to stat up armies since Frodo built both the armies we were using (I got to play as something other than orcs & goblins this time - dark elves are fun!), but it seem a bit of an uneven match, though both sides were quite thin on the ground by the end (we had to stop so I could get home at a sensible-ish time). But it was still good fun. A lot quicker to blitz through than WFB and much easier to get my head around. Playing with my Orcs & Goblins army next time so I should get a better idea of the differences.

Finished reading Emily Nation (the perks of doing a lot of travelling at the weekend means I got a lot of book reading done) and started reading The War of the Worlds today. So far I am liking it, and it's reminding me of when I was a spotty teenager reading The Time Machine. Good times. No, wait. Not good. The other word.


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