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Back in England after my intrepid adventures to Dubrovnik.

It was very VERY warm but very VERY pretty. Suffered a bit from the heat (and the very hungry mosquitos) but got to cool off in the sea and the surprisingly cold swimming pool.

[livejournal.com profile] luckykaa seemed to have a nice birthday. Went to a cozy rustic restaurant called Sesame (they didn't have candles for his birthday cake so he was presented with a tiny cake decorated with an enormous sparkler) and did the Game of Thrones tour. Was lovely to see all the places from the show but climbing lots and LOTS of stairs in the heat was a bit gruelling. Struggled with what to get him for his birthday presents but he seemed to like the DVDs, Lego and piratical t-shirt. Ended up lying on loungers looking at the stars in an otherwise empty cocktail bar. That was a nice way to end the day.

Took a boat out to Lokrum and enjoyed wandering around in the shade (though I wussed out of the incredibly steep climb to Fort Royal), swimming in the sea and seeing lots of peacocks, peahens and...uh..peachicks? Baby peacocks!

Also went up to the heights of Dubrovnik on a cable car. Lovely view, though very crowded. The city walls were also very scenic but also quite crowded and not much fun in the heat (even if we did go quite late in the afternoon). Visited an aquarium (home to a very shy turtle and an attention seeking stingray) and found a replica of the iron throne for posing for silly photos.

Last day was nice and lazy. Blew our remaining kuna on Game of Thrones merchandise and spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi and swimming the sea.

Flew back via Dublin where I had a really nice irish lamb stew and a very tasty triple chocolate chip brownie.

Spent a good portion of the weekend curled up in front of season 4 of Game of Thrones so I could see the context of the places I visited.

Am now back at work. Still in Derby indefinitely and currently reading Salvation's Reach. I think there's a Sabbat Worlds anthology to read after that and then I can finally crack on with the non-40K stuff that's been on my book pile since forever.

That boy I like has written up his own holiday posts starting here.


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