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Updating LJ at work. Because I am apparently stuck in 2002.

Anyway - Nine Worlds 2015!

The Good

- The talk in defence of Sansa Stark. Lots of passion and enthusiasm and Katie put forward a pretty convincing case for a character that is for the most part the GoT fandom's punchbag. Chatted to Katie about it afterwards and she talked about how Sansa is an interesting character to look at from the point of view of someone with severe depression/anxiety issues since her story is all about survival without having a mentor or allies around (which is what depression often feels like). Plus there were lemon cakes and Jack the Husky got to sit on the panel as he was cosplaying as a dire wolf for the weekend ;)

- The History of Sailor Moon. Maybe it was just my choice of panels, but this was a breath of fresh air against all the angst, gloom and controversy that the other panels seemed to have. Maybe I just need to go to fewer ASOIAF panels? Either way, it was a good giggle (Tuxedo Mask in series one IS a bit useless) and some of the spinoffs from Sailor Moon are...hilarious at best, terrifying at worst.

- Water dancing lesson with Miltos Yerolemou. Lots of fun, looked at a variety of fighting styles, managed to break my opponent's staff in half and Miltos giggled at my t-shirt (Sailor Moon on the Iron Throne...made of magic wands). Sadly it left me very VERY broken for the rest of the day but fortunately I didn't miss much. Would still have liked to have spent more time with my friends and less time being a battered and bruised Flickums :(

- Pub quiz with Pete and Tlanti (and others)! Lots of geekery and random singing along to music being played during the interval. Good start to the con :)

- Lots of good cosplay! Gave out my tokens to two Furiosas, a Daenerys and one of Immortan Joe's wives. Also Katie who was cosplaying as Winterfell :D

The Bad

- The situation with the vendors. Very few of them (I get that the con needed the space but being told only to trade on one day is ridiculous - most vendors did not/would not bring a ton of stock to a con just for one day of trading. Especially when that one day is the Sunday when most people are leaving), packed into very VERY small spaces scattered throughout the hotel, not clearly marked where they would be (I found Soapasaurus by accident) and placing them right next to the only point of entrance to rooms where panels were held. So there was a LOT of people squashed into a very small space. Not fun.

- Too many panels turning people away due to lack of space. Not sure if this was poor planning on the conrunners part or just nobody anticipated how popular certain panels would be...but it got to the point where I was running from one panel straight to another without a break just so I was guaranteed to get in. Also being turned away from a panel because the water dancing lesson overran. Not good.

- A panel that could have been interesting (looking at the resurgence of gothic literature) just turned into Laurell K Hamilton reminding us all how many books she's written. It became such a blatant self-promotion that I walked out after 20 minutes. Which I felt a bit bad about since this was another panel where people were being sent away (people who might have actually enjoyed it) but that kind of wah just isn't my thing.

- Waiting nearly an hour for food at the pub on Sunday evening. I was tired, I was hungry, I needed an early night as [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa was driving home the next morning and it just dragged the night out far longer than it needed to. The food was nice, but not 60 minutes of waiting nice.

The Ugly

- Con crud :(
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