Nov. 8th, 2015

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Very busy few weeks back to back, as tends to be the case at this time of year. Spent a week up in Scotland visiting the parentals. Saw the Falkirk Wheel (which didn't seem to overly impress me, though I did get a bottle of 'Wheel Ale' for The Boy there), visited the (possible) site of the Battle of Bannockburn (which did overly impress me - plus I got ambushed and cuddled by a pair of Northern Inuit doggies who were super lovely!), went on a ghost tour as part of Tamfest (Halloween) and visited a museum full of old toys (including pregnancy Barbie which is just as messed up as it sounds).

Also started reading The Talon of Horus, which I'm enjoying but it very much seems to suffer from 'origin story syndrome'. Hoping it will pick up or the next book will be a bit more meaty.

Spent this weekend in Leicester visiting [ profile] luckykaa for one of our semi-regular meetups and for me to hand over the food/booze I picked up in Scotland.

Concluded our Disney movie/Cult movie Cultural Exchange Programme by watching Moon (which was awesome, and I am utterly in love with the soundtrack. Clint Mansell is very underrated!) and Tangled (Flynn Rider...I would).

Had haggis for lunch. Haven't had haggis since Burns Night in 2013 so it was nice to revisit it. Suggested that we serve it with cheesy mashed potatoes, which tasted awesome and went really well with the haggis.

Next up was the Leicester firework display!

Met up with Alex & Sarah there - was awesome to see them again. There was a stage with lots of random performances (including a giant dancing hamster) and some good choice of tunes during the firework display itself (War of the Worlds, Blade Runner, Star Wars and...The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). Instead of Guy Fawkes, they burned an effigy of Darth Vader. Not sure how I feel about that. Bonfire generated a LOT of smoke so we found a small hill that meant we didn't get assaulted by the smoke and gave us a good view of both the bonfire and the firework display.

Spent an unusually long time queuing up for candy floss. But it was freshly made (so still warm) and most people had left by the time we had our candy floss. So the four of us had a nice walk back into town sharing candy floss and lighting sparklers. That was a really nice end to the day :)

Today Neil and I saw Spectre. It was...pretty bad, if I'm honest. Further thoughts are under the cut, spoilers aplenty.

Spectre: Spoilers Abound )


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