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So, first blog post of 2016!

Considering my New Year resolution was to do more writing, that's off to a pretty feeble start.

I think my lack of writing is mostly due to my non-existent spare time at the moment. I'm either entertaining guests, travelling up and down the country (or up and down other countries) visiting friends, spending time with [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa in Leicester or at home...or actually putting my feet up and enjoying some much needed Flickums time!

That said, the weekend just gone was particularly fun so I felt it warranted a blog post.

Visited The Boy after work on Friday and we spent the evening snuggling in front of Paddington. Which I was 100% expecting to hate, but it did make me chuckle on more than one occasion.

Saturday we went down to London to see The War of the Worlds at the Dominion Theatre in London. We arrived quite early so went to Forbidden Planet in search of a Dogmeat Funko Pop. We got there. No Dogmeat. But I did buy a Vault Boy keyring.

Grabbed lunch and then went to the show. Despite only having read the book and seen the Spielberg film version, I really enjoyed it. The music had a lot of energy and sounded great. Plus the stage show had a giant animatronic tripod, which I happily admit is the real reason I wanted to see the show live. Seats were right at the back as we booked at the last moment, but still got a really good view.

Met up with [livejournal.com profile] multiclassgeek, [livejournal.com profile] zoeiona and baby Syl for Dim Sum afterwards. Never had Dim Sum before, but the pork balls (hehe) were really tasty. Headed home and made it back to Leicester at a decent hour.

Went exploring in Leicester city centre on Sunday. Went to Leicester Forbidden Planet in search of a Dogmeat Funko Pop. We got there. No Dogmeat.

Picked up both volumes of A Storm of Swords from a charity shop. Tempted to read it for the 2016 book challenge as I need a book that intimidates me (and it is very...very...VERY long), but it's contender for that is The Man in the High Castle which is mercifully short but sounds confusing as hell.

Got back into Sheffield quite late so headed straight to bed.

Job still going well. Learning a lot and my confidence with it is growing, which is nice. Applied for my provisional driving licence. Friends and family have all agreed to help chip in towards getting a small and cheap car if/when my test is passed, so that's something to look forward to...if terrifying!

The Boy is coming back up next weekend. Plans include a book themed swap meet, seeing Civil War, popping over to Haddon Hall if the weather is nice and whipping up another Sunday roast.

2015 Meme

Dec. 15th, 2015 10:17 pm
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It was the best of times, it was the...blurst of times? )
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Very VERY busy couple of weeks.

Last week I ventured out to post the annual Christmas Crate to [livejournal.com profile] irisangel - post office was mercifully quiet so decided to pick up some Euros while I was there. Then ventured to Mugen Tea House for a charity raffle. Bought a strip of raffle tickets. Didn't win anything, but I did get to indulge in chocolate orange flavoured tea and a cranberry brownie. Both of which were yummy.

Went into town to pick up a copy of Gremlins (as part of my pseudo Christmas film collection) and do some Christmas shopping while I was there (needed to pick up something for my wifey and my husband-in-law). Went home, speedily wrapped gifts and then went back out to meet [livejournal.com profile] inflatablefish in the pub for the traditional trip to the Christmas panto. Can't believe we've been doing this for eight years in a row. Spike seemed to like the pun-filled Star Wars cook book (Boba Fett-accinni etc) and the cuddly snow dog :) Panto itself was entertaining enough, but I think that by the time I got there I was too exhausted to really get into the swing of things. But I laughed at the terrible jokes and sang along to the Aretha Franklin tribute song. So it was still worth the trip :)

Sunday I ventured over to Newcastle to visit Justicar Xhalax in Newcastle to trade Christmas gifts and fangirl over all the things. Gifts were exchanged (beautiful Dark Angels artwork, O-ren Ishii in Funko Pop form and Vikings series 1 & 2 - thank you Xhalax!!) and I treated her to a Mass Effect scarf which I then resisted the urge to steal. Went over to the Metro Centre which I haven't visited since I was little. Seemed a lot bigger back then! Though I had fun window shopping and weirding people out by standing next to Xhalax as she recited the names that her robot butler could pronounce in Fallout 4 ("Ass...Assface...Boobs...Boobies...Cock...Tits...Oooh, I can be Miss Titties!")

Fast-forward to Friday. Met [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire and [livejournal.com profile] nichadaemus for Helen's spontaneous birthday meal. Was lovely seeing them both again and Coast 2 Coast did some nice food.

Up early the next morning for the train down to London. Train was held up so only managed to check into the EuroStar with 1 minute to spare. Got in a bit of a panic about that but settled down once [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa and I were on the EuroStar feasting on tasty cheeses. Made it to Brussels and met up with Neil's friend Barbara. She seemed lovely but I was being a bit shy around her so not feeling very talkative. Have always been a bit rubbish about meeting new people. But I got to have tasty Belgian chocolate mousse which was totally worth it :)

Next day we explored the Christmas market. There were a few huts on the doorstep of the hotel which formed what we dubbed Mini-Canada. Lots of Canadian beers for sale and just about anything and everything containing maple syrup. Not being a huge fan of maple syrup, I was a bit weirded out by the whole thing. But the people there seemed really nice and friendly.

Looked around the Christmas market. Demonstrated my maturity by laughing my ass off at a stall called 'Choco Nad's'. Didn't help that there were lots of..erm...chocolate ball shaped truffles for sale. The truffles themselves were lovely though so I bought a bag to share with my mum and sister when I'm up in Scotland in a couple of weeks.

Went over to the Atonium for a look around. Lots of engineering/architecture porn to gush over and a nice bar with an awesome view. Kept my promise and bought Neil a beer. Went for a further explore and got to play on the disco light tunnel (imagine the tunnel from Willy Wonka sans nightmare fuel) before having a wander around Brussels. Visited what I dubbed the Beer & Chocolate District. Went to the Cheese Cake Cafe for food (my plan to have a light dinner backfired spectacularly when my omelette turned out to be bigger than my head - but I had cheese cake and it was lovely!). Discovered that the cultural highlight of Brussels is a statue of a boy peeing. Visited the Grand Place which was gorgeous! Went back to the Christmas market. Lots and LOTS of people there but a few more stalls open. Bought my mum a Christmas present and treated Neil to some Gluhwein (still the most foul smelling drink on the planet) before escaping the crowds and collapsing back at the hotel.

Sunday was more relaxed. Decided 20 Euros for breakfast was a bit steep so went in search of crepes. Crepes were duly found and eaten. Went over to the Comic Book Museum. Bought a keyring of the rocket from Destination Moon/Explorers on the Moon. Decided that we were both too tired and too poor to pay to look around the museum itself so wandered back into town. Neil went on the outdoor ice rink (a decision he seemed to regret instantly) and I bought him a maple lollipop from Mini-Canada for being brave. Went on the ferris wheel to get a good view of Brussels (a decision I seemed to regret instantly) and Neil bought me a chocolate lollipop from the Beer & Chocolate District for being brave.

Chilled in the hotel for a an hour and a bit (Neil makes a very comfy pillow) before heading back outside for the Christmas parade. The floats were nice enough (I had a dance off with someone in a bear costume), the song was SUPER catchy and one float seemed to be the opening credits of Doctor Who as performed by interpretive dance.

Went to the Food Salesmen District (I don't know Brussels, okay? I had to make place names up!) and went for some cheap food as we were both running out of cash. Restaurant was very nice, very quiet and played 80s cheese while we ate. Really nice way to end the holiday.

Came back today (though I got another chocolate lollipop for patiently waiting while Neil did some last minute Christmas shopping) and made very tentative plans to visit Salzburg next year (though Neil has never seen The Sound of Music so I should probably inflict that upon him before we go there)

Pre-Christmas this weekend. In which I shall be attempting to cook stew (found some turkey mince in the freezer that I can use for Christmas stew!) and dumplings, doing a traditional Christmas dinner and watching Christmas films with Neil before we go our separate ways to spend Christmas with our respective families. Then I'm back up in Scotland for Christmas, back to Sheffield for work and then down in London for New Year.

No rest for the wicked.
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Very busy few weeks back to back, as tends to be the case at this time of year. Spent a week up in Scotland visiting the parentals. Saw the Falkirk Wheel (which didn't seem to overly impress me, though I did get a bottle of 'Wheel Ale' for The Boy there), visited the (possible) site of the Battle of Bannockburn (which did overly impress me - plus I got ambushed and cuddled by a pair of Northern Inuit doggies who were super lovely!), went on a ghost tour as part of Tamfest (Halloween) and visited a museum full of old toys (including pregnancy Barbie which is just as messed up as it sounds).

Also started reading The Talon of Horus, which I'm enjoying but it very much seems to suffer from 'origin story syndrome'. Hoping it will pick up or the next book will be a bit more meaty.

Spent this weekend in Leicester visiting [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa for one of our semi-regular meetups and for me to hand over the food/booze I picked up in Scotland.

Concluded our Disney movie/Cult movie Cultural Exchange Programme by watching Moon (which was awesome, and I am utterly in love with the soundtrack. Clint Mansell is very underrated!) and Tangled (Flynn Rider...I would).

Had haggis for lunch. Haven't had haggis since Burns Night in 2013 so it was nice to revisit it. Suggested that we serve it with cheesy mashed potatoes, which tasted awesome and went really well with the haggis.

Next up was the Leicester firework display!

Met up with Alex & Sarah there - was awesome to see them again. There was a stage with lots of random performances (including a giant dancing hamster) and some good choice of tunes during the firework display itself (War of the Worlds, Blade Runner, Star Wars and...The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). Instead of Guy Fawkes, they burned an effigy of Darth Vader. Not sure how I feel about that. Bonfire generated a LOT of smoke so we found a small hill that meant we didn't get assaulted by the smoke and gave us a good view of both the bonfire and the firework display.

Spent an unusually long time queuing up for candy floss. But it was freshly made (so still warm) and most people had left by the time we had our candy floss. So the four of us had a nice walk back into town sharing candy floss and lighting sparklers. That was a really nice end to the day :)

Today Neil and I saw Spectre. It was...pretty bad, if I'm honest. Further thoughts are under the cut, spoilers aplenty.

Spectre: Spoilers Abound )


Oct. 14th, 2015 10:22 pm
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Had a couple of people get in touch asking why I'm posting on here again and why my entries are once again public.

The long answer is because I miss blogging and LJ is more user friendly than Wordpress.

The short answer is because reasons.

The entries are public so I can cross post to Facebook and Twitter and stay in touch with friends who don't visit Facebook much but have still said they want to be kept up to date with what I'm up to these days.

Will be refraining from posting about things that seem to get people's knickers in a twist (ie the breakup and LARP) as I have other blogs/safe spaces for that (DM me if you want access to any of those), so if you're here for that kind of thing then brace yourself for disappointment.

Normal broadcasting shall now resume.

You can go about your business.

Move along.
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Very long and busy weekend.

Saturday I went to visit [livejournal.com profile] jazz_police in Batley as part of our semi-regular (read: whenever the hell we feel like it) meetups to watch a Disney film that Dave hasn't seen yet (this time it was Peter Pan) and a dodgy fantasy film (this time it was Forbidden Kingdom aka Viuy). Forbidden Kingdom reminded me a bit of Black Death, as in I thought it was a fairly by-the-numbers horror film until it got towards the end and everything wasn't quite as it seemed up until that point. I both love and hate stories like that. I like them because they're quite good at tricking the audience into following the illusion and I hate them because the build up to the reveal/plot twist often feels like a bit of a clunky mess. Forbidden Kingdom did look very pretty though (it was filmed and released in Russia so had some VERY dodgy lip syncing) and it had Charles Dance in it which is never a bad thing.

Got home very late.

Sunday I went to Huddersfield to visit Kat and Frodo (and Tabitha) for wargaming shenanigans. Yes, I finally got round to trying out The Rage of Sigmar. Not sure how much of a pain it is to stat up armies since Frodo built both the armies we were using (I got to play as something other than orcs & goblins this time - dark elves are fun!), but it seem a bit of an uneven match, though both sides were quite thin on the ground by the end (we had to stop so I could get home at a sensible-ish time). But it was still good fun. A lot quicker to blitz through than WFB and much easier to get my head around. Playing with my Orcs & Goblins army next time so I should get a better idea of the differences.

Finished reading Emily Nation (the perks of doing a lot of travelling at the weekend means I got a lot of book reading done) and started reading The War of the Worlds today. So far I am liking it, and it's reminding me of when I was a spotty teenager reading The Time Machine. Good times. No, wait. Not good. The other word.
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Had a lovely weekend visiting [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa in Leicester. Much geekery, cooking, snuggling and cultural exchange was done.


Arrived in Leicester. Put our heads together regarding dinner. Decided on a mini roast since we had all the ingredients lying around. Neil worked his cookery wizardry and made delicious roast potatoes. I worked my cookery witchcraft and conjured up delicious Yorkshire pudding. Nipped out to grab some Rioja for Neil and a cheesecake for dessert. Being a non-drinker, locating Rioja took quite a bit of time (and a consultation with Google over the spelling/colour of wine it was). Came back. Ate food. Food was delicious. Began Part 3 of our Cultural Exchange programme and made him watch Hercules. He seemed to enjoy it, though I'm not sure if the bottle of Rioja helped with his enjoyment or not. Turned in for the night after drunk!Neil lost the ability to speak and started communicating via a series of grunts.


Woke up. Had bacon. Headed out to the National Space Centre. Took a very long winded route to get there (which involved going around in circles) because Neil's SatNav is possessed by the devil. Had a really nice time there. Two huge rockets and lots of engines to look at. The planetarium had a nice presentation about matter and what everything in the universe is made of.

So I got to be a space nerd.

There was also a tiny cinema showing A Trip To The Moon (Le Voyage Dans La Lune) which I hadn't seen in its entirety before (just a few clips that I studied at university).

So I got to be a space nerd and a film nerd.

Outside the little cinema was a book signed by H.G Wells.

So I got to be a space nerd and a film nerd and a book nerd.

Went on a 3D simulator that I thought was going to be really scary (Alton Towers has made me wary of anything with a drop down bar involved) but was actually lots of fun and only mildly scary.

Played around with a few of the interactive exhibits (turns out there are more essential supplies for astronauts than chocolate, clothes and a single goldfish) and generally had lots of fun with Neil being epic nerds together. It was a lovely day out.

Came home, got shown how to make egg fried rice (yum!) and watched the director's cut of Dark City. Definitely not the film I was expecting (was expecting a pulpy noir film full of twists and turns...well, it definitely had twists and turns!) but a really well put together film. Loved the pulpy noir look and feel of everything. Kind of like Sin City without the misogyny.


Caught up with Doctor Who (still no space tarantulas - thank fuck!), watched a few modules of Look Around You (cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at something) and got Neil to watch Spoony's review of Mazes and Monsters. Also looked at hotels for our trip to Brussels in December. Very relaxed and chilled out day before heading back to the frozen north.

Very nice weekend, though not sure where I can take Neil when he next visits Sheffield. Already shown him Rivelin reservoir, the botanical gardens and Ladybower. Where else in Sheffield can I show off to him?
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So, after a fairly crappy week I had a lovely visit from [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa on Friday for the weekend.

Friday night I cooked up honey glazed pork chops and showed off my prowess for making hat-sized Yorkshire puddings. Food seemed to be well appreciated (at least, it disappeared very quickly) and then we watched The Little Mermaid (Part 2 of our Cultural Exchange Programme).

Saturday we drove over to Rivelin reservoir (we were looking for Ladybower but got lost). It was a really nice day so we wandered around and enjoyed how peaceful it is there. Got back in the car and drove out to Ladybower. Had a drink/snack at the visitor centre and wandered down to the reservoir. Sat down and enjoyed the nice the view. Despite being September, the sky was quite clear so the water was a very pretty shade of blue. Went looking for more bits of Ladybower but got lost again, so we drove out towards The Fox House for a drink. Shared some pate on toast which was very tasty.

Drove back to Sheffield to visit [livejournal.com profile] blazingskies and [livejournal.com profile] greyfore for dinner. Honey and lemon chicken and Neil made waffles for dessert. All of which was delicious. We watched Logan's Run (Neil's contribution to Part 2 of the Cultural Exchange Programme), which despite being 70s-tastic was very enjoyable. Really want to read the book but cannot find a copy of it anywhere. Loads of sequels/spinoffs/comic book versions but the original novel remains elusive. May check out Sheffield Space Centre and see if they have a copy kicking around.

Sunday was much more relaxed. Watched Doctor Who in the morning (no space tarantulas this year - thank fuck!) then went for a wander around the Botanical Gardens. Saw lots of squirrels and had a nice cup of tea on the grounds. Drove back to The Fox House for a late lunch. Despite it being empty on Saturday afternoon, it was very VERY crowded on Sunday. Possibly due to the delicious carvery (which was very tasty).

Came back and sent Neil on his way home with an armful of PS1/PS2/PS3 games to keep him amused between visits.

So that was a really nice way to end a not-so-nice week :)
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Trying (and failing) to remember to post stuff up on here once in a while.

Spent the weekend in York/Newcastle for pre-birthday shenanigans with [livejournal.com profile] hils - fiddled with Dragon Age Inquisition on the PS4 (which is very pretty) and went to see The Man From UNCLE, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. Very very silly but lots of fun. Came home and watched an episode of the original show. My god the slashy undertones!

Sunday was spent in Newcastle. Met up with my friend Justicar Nikki/Xhalax. We wandered around town and geeked out together. Went into Travelling Man where there was a tasting session of bubble tea going on. Never had bubble tea before so we checked it out. Some of the milky bubble tea was lovely! The fruity ones less so. Neither were very bubbly. Or very tea-y.

Sat in a cafe where I had delicious cheesecake and we geeked out over Warhammer novels (Nikki has loaned me the Sabbat Crusade/Sabbat World anthologies so I have more reading to do. Though I'm already mostly done with Sabbat Crusade) then parted ways before rendezvousing with Hils again and heading to Mog On Tyne which is kind of like a cafe mixed with a petting zoo. Lots and lots of cats to pet and play with whilst also sitting down with tea and scones (or coke and scones in my case).

Boarded the train and came straight home whilst reading Sabbat Crusade on my way back (mostly it contained feels with a side order of doom).

Seeing [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa this weekend to continue our Cultural Exchange programme. I am making him watch The Little Mermaid and he is making me watch...well, I'm not quite sure but I'm sure we'll have fun regardless.
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Back in England after my intrepid adventures to Dubrovnik.

It was very VERY warm but very VERY pretty. Suffered a bit from the heat (and the very hungry mosquitos) but got to cool off in the sea and the surprisingly cold swimming pool.

[livejournal.com profile] luckykaa seemed to have a nice birthday. Went to a cozy rustic restaurant called Sesame (they didn't have candles for his birthday cake so he was presented with a tiny cake decorated with an enormous sparkler) and did the Game of Thrones tour. Was lovely to see all the places from the show but climbing lots and LOTS of stairs in the heat was a bit gruelling. Struggled with what to get him for his birthday presents but he seemed to like the DVDs, Lego and piratical t-shirt. Ended up lying on loungers looking at the stars in an otherwise empty cocktail bar. That was a nice way to end the day.

Took a boat out to Lokrum and enjoyed wandering around in the shade (though I wussed out of the incredibly steep climb to Fort Royal), swimming in the sea and seeing lots of peacocks, peahens and...uh..peachicks? Baby peacocks!

Also went up to the heights of Dubrovnik on a cable car. Lovely view, though very crowded. The city walls were also very scenic but also quite crowded and not much fun in the heat (even if we did go quite late in the afternoon). Visited an aquarium (home to a very shy turtle and an attention seeking stingray) and found a replica of the iron throne for posing for silly photos.

Last day was nice and lazy. Blew our remaining kuna on Game of Thrones merchandise and spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi and swimming the sea.

Flew back via Dublin where I had a really nice irish lamb stew and a very tasty triple chocolate chip brownie.

Spent a good portion of the weekend curled up in front of season 4 of Game of Thrones so I could see the context of the places I visited.

Am now back at work. Still in Derby indefinitely and currently reading Salvation's Reach. I think there's a Sabbat Worlds anthology to read after that and then I can finally crack on with the non-40K stuff that's been on my book pile since forever.

That boy I like has written up his own holiday posts starting here.
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Tomorrow afternoon I shall be flying out to King's Landing Dubrovnik with [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa to spend six days enjoying the sea and sunshine.

Well...the sea, certainly. Generally not a huge fan of sunshine as it makes me look like a human strawberry :(

Venturing to MeadowHell tonight to grab some last minute holiday supplies (the lovely [livejournal.com profile] blazingskies has already helped me out with a few things) and then quietly freaking out over the whole 'being on a plane' thing.

I'll have my kindle with me so I can read/finish Blood Pact and start on Salvation's Reach.

Because reading about death and explosions whilst on a plane will calm me down...right?
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tl;dr: Two of my loveliest friends got married and there was a lot of feasting.


[livejournal.com profile] luckykaa drove up and met me after work in Derby. Still on temporary secondment there. I don't mind the commute too much (it's a lot less of a pain in the arse than when I was travelling to Leeds every day) as it gives me a chance to do more reading (two more Gaunt's Ghost novels and then I'm fully up to date!) but...the office is on an industrial estate in the arse end of nowhere. So my bank account has taken quite a battering the past couple of weeks. Hoping I'll be back in Sheffield soon. But my job continues to be pretty good, my team are all lovely and it still feels nice to be doing something that isn't temp work.

Drove home and I cooked gammon in honey and mustard sauce. Tweaked the recipe slightly and was very happy with how it came out. We watched 'Enchanted' which I haven't seen in years. Considering how few Disney Princess films Neil has seen, I think some of the humour may have been lost on him. But I still love that film.


Kat and Frodo's wedding! Despite getting a bit confused and ending up at the reception venue when we should have been at the ceremony venue, we still got there in time (and were the first two to arrive) - felt a bit nervous about being there as I've not been to a wedding ceremony since Ant and I split up. So was very grateful to have Neil there holding my hand in case of spontaneous feels. As it happened, there were none. The ceremony was lovely. Kat looked gorgeous, the poems were all very moving and they both seemed so genuinely happy to be married to each other. Welling up may have occurred. Took a pause after photos at the ceremony to sit in a little green in Harrogate and enjoyed a drink together before heading off to the reception.

There was a bouncy castle. Bouncing happened.

There was delicious hog roast. Feasting happened.

The people we were sat with were all awesome. Got to geek out. Put forward a pretty convincing argument about 4th ed D&D. Made me realise how much I miss playing D&D.

Drove down to Leicester. Got rained on. Got hailed on.

Watched The Karate Kid (the original) which I'd never seen before. So. Much. 80s! But Hercules and a few episodes of Family Guy now make a lot more sense to me.


Got shown how to make an omelette. Mine always end up burnt on the outside and undercooked on the inside. Turns out bacon and goat's cheese are awesome omelette fillings. Must make another attempt at one.

Went to Ikea. Ikea was ridiculously busy. Was very lucky to escape with Neil without us beating each other to death with flat packed furniture. That would have ended the weekend on a bit of a downer.

Unwound from that experience with deep fried camenbert in front of Beauty and the Beast (part of my five film course on educating Neil on Disney films). Still my favourite Disney film. Next I'm showing him The Little Mermaid :)

Read some more of Blood Pact on my way home. Once I'm caught up with Gaunt's Ghosts, I'm starting on Discworld (again) and then at some point I should probably make a start on the Horus Heresy. But apparently there are some pretty hefty feels involved :(
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Updating LJ at work. Because I am apparently stuck in 2002.

Anyway - Nine Worlds 2015!

The Good

- The talk in defence of Sansa Stark. Lots of passion and enthusiasm and Katie put forward a pretty convincing case for a character that is for the most part the GoT fandom's punchbag. Chatted to Katie about it afterwards and she talked about how Sansa is an interesting character to look at from the point of view of someone with severe depression/anxiety issues since her story is all about survival without having a mentor or allies around (which is what depression often feels like). Plus there were lemon cakes and Jack the Husky got to sit on the panel as he was cosplaying as a dire wolf for the weekend ;)

- The History of Sailor Moon. Maybe it was just my choice of panels, but this was a breath of fresh air against all the angst, gloom and controversy that the other panels seemed to have. Maybe I just need to go to fewer ASOIAF panels? Either way, it was a good giggle (Tuxedo Mask in series one IS a bit useless) and some of the spinoffs from Sailor Moon are...hilarious at best, terrifying at worst.

- Water dancing lesson with Miltos Yerolemou. Lots of fun, looked at a variety of fighting styles, managed to break my opponent's staff in half and Miltos giggled at my t-shirt (Sailor Moon on the Iron Throne...made of magic wands). Sadly it left me very VERY broken for the rest of the day but fortunately I didn't miss much. Would still have liked to have spent more time with my friends and less time being a battered and bruised Flickums :(

- Pub quiz with Pete and Tlanti (and others)! Lots of geekery and random singing along to music being played during the interval. Good start to the con :)

- Lots of good cosplay! Gave out my tokens to two Furiosas, a Daenerys and one of Immortan Joe's wives. Also Katie who was cosplaying as Winterfell :D

The Bad

- The situation with the vendors. Very few of them (I get that the con needed the space but being told only to trade on one day is ridiculous - most vendors did not/would not bring a ton of stock to a con just for one day of trading. Especially when that one day is the Sunday when most people are leaving), packed into very VERY small spaces scattered throughout the hotel, not clearly marked where they would be (I found Soapasaurus by accident) and placing them right next to the only point of entrance to rooms where panels were held. So there was a LOT of people squashed into a very small space. Not fun.

- Too many panels turning people away due to lack of space. Not sure if this was poor planning on the conrunners part or just nobody anticipated how popular certain panels would be...but it got to the point where I was running from one panel straight to another without a break just so I was guaranteed to get in. Also being turned away from a panel because the water dancing lesson overran. Not good.

- A panel that could have been interesting (looking at the resurgence of gothic literature) just turned into Laurell K Hamilton reminding us all how many books she's written. It became such a blatant self-promotion that I walked out after 20 minutes. Which I felt a bit bad about since this was another panel where people were being sent away (people who might have actually enjoyed it) but that kind of wah just isn't my thing.

- Waiting nearly an hour for food at the pub on Sunday evening. I was tired, I was hungry, I needed an early night as [livejournal.com profile] luckykaa was driving home the next morning and it just dragged the night out far longer than it needed to. The food was nice, but not 60 minutes of waiting nice.

The Ugly

- Con crud :(
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